Sales Acceleration Services in a Nutshell

Sales Acceleration on Autopilot


Having a good product or service is not enough, even if your market fit is perfect. There are countless tales of innovative companies missing revenue goals due to a lack of sales. Many companies experience big ups and downs in their sales cycles with little consistency or predictability. This uncertainty can be crippling. Introducing a sales acceleration service to your sales strategy can be a simple way to bring stability to your sales efforts.

When you run a real sales organization, recruiting is at its core. You need a steady stream of rock solid talent to both grow and fight off sales team churn. Many of your new hires won’t have what it takes and even the best of the bunch will require constant training. While these are critical elements of any strong business, having a stable source of new deals can be a game changer for your organization. In other words, despite how recruiting, training, churn, or overall sales team performance is trending, if you have a consistent and reliable partner to send you deals, you are in a much better position to weather any storm your business faces.

This is where sales acceleration services fit into the picture. While your sales team works through its normal ups and downs, a sales acceleration service will steadily build prospect lists, conduct outreach, report back on trends, and most importantly, they will source deals for you and your team to pitch and close.

Any reputable sales acceleration service should be priced well below what you would pay for an entry level sales person. Their terms should be flexible and their goals must be realistic. These are all signs that they are a) experienced, b) priced to deliver ROI at minimal risk, and c) they are likely big and stable, enabling them to deliver their services at a low price.

Sales acceleration services bring you peace of mind. You know that you will always have new deals entering into your sales pipeline, so as long as you and your team are closers, you will have a consistent and reliable revenue source.

Sales Acceleration Services Keep you Honest

When working with a Sales Acceleration firm, they’ll be testing sales copy, subject lines, and target markets all while building prospect lists and finding macro sales trends. Do you do the same? Are you approaching sales with the same level of “science” and discipline? Bringing on a Sales Acceleration firm that has years of experience teaches you a heck of a lot about cutting edge sales tactics. You can then apply those learnings to your in-house sales strategy, which will pay massive dividends.

Stop playing follow the leader 

Over time, companies all adopt similar sales practices. Within your own company, you simply won’t have the vantage point to know which tactics are fresh and innovative and which ones are just adopted from the general market. Salesflow in particular uses its broad market perspective to stay ahead of sales trends. Why is that important? Well, the prospects you’re reaching out to are smart and they adapt. The same way banner ads on the Internet are now ignored subconsciously by most consumers, your prospects can smell a sales call or email from miles away.

Salesflow or any responsible sales acceleration firm will have a trove a data to know what language, methods, and overall strategies should be deployed in order to get you traction with your prospects. As one example, we are able to craft sales email templates that generate 5x the responses of the general market. 

Appointment Setting Services Can Help Your Margins

If you’re here, you’re likely looking for more qualified sales leads. Whether you have a small sales team or you are responsible for all new sales yourself, the right outsourced sales partner can be a major asset to help you grow. Outsourced business lead generation takes many forms, including appointment setting services.

Appointment setting services assume that you know your business best and are able to close new deals effectively. Your current problem is meeting qualified prospects who are actually in market and interested in your services. The right appointment setting service will be able to act as an extension of your sales team and fill your calendar with qualified sales calls that actually turn into paying customers.

Salesflow uses a variety of the latest sales strategies and technologies to identify and then convert prospects into booked appointments. The appointments we set come from real conversations with decision-makers who are shopping for your services. When we set an appointment, we even show you the entire conversation that took place. Our entire team is based in New York and is made up of business development and sales experts from across a variety of industries. Bottom line- we are experts in the science of sales and know how to turn a name on a list into a booked sales appointment on your calendar.

Every single company and contact we approach must fit very specific criteria that you determine. For any appointment setting service, it is critical that the appointments are only with very specific decision-makers at particular types of companies. In other words, sales targeting is absolutely critical. An appointment is useless unless it is with the correct prospect. Period.

If you can truly handle more deals and the resulting growth, an expert appointment setter with a strong reputation will be the quickest and most efficient path forward.


Years of outbound sales has helped us attract some of the most well known and reputable growth companies in the US. We serve business clients from a wide range of industries, both large and small.

The Right Appointment Setting Services Can Give you a Winning Edge:

Put your Sales strategy on autopilot

A reputable appointment setting firm brings expertise and a trove of sales data to the table. If you’re hiring a firm to source new deals for you, you better expect them to know exactly how to set up a sales strategy. They also better be transparent about it. You’re not just looking for appointments on the calendar, but you’re looking for learnings. Which decision-maker titles work best, which industries, sales pitches, etc. are most effective at generating positive responses? At Salesflow, we believe that the appointments are critical, but the data and strategic know-how we share is what pays dividends into the future.

Save Resources

Appointment setting services should be a profit center for you. By offloading a whole lot of sales overhead and solely focusing on revenue producing work, the right appointment setting partner will be a cost saver and revenue generator. Salesflow prices its appointment setting services at less than the cost of a college intern. We aim to bring clear and quick value to the table.

24*7 Customer Support

When you have questions, you should have answers. Appointment setting firms shouldn’t operate in the dark as a rogue resource. If you need a change in targeting or have a question about performance, you deserve answers quickly. That’s how we operate at Salesflow.

Streamlined Operations

Perhaps the biggest benefit of an appointment setting partnership is the operational efficiency you gain. All of a sudden, you can focus completely on running your business, without having to be as concerned with sales strategy, sourcing new business, and all the details that come with a successful sales effort. Such a partnership should be liberating and highly ROI driven. The right partnership will add immense efficiency and growth opportunities.

Stimulate Sales With Lead Generation Services

There are low overhead ways to meet decision-makers who want what you’re selling

Are you struggling to keep pace with your growth goals? If so, don’t let that hit your confidence too hard and instead focus on working new deals into your sales pipeline. Yes, that’s obvious, but most business owners tremble at the thought of hiring a sales team. Talent is hard to come by, never mind the training and uncertainty that comes with building out a new team.

Today, outsourcing key business practices is the norm. Sales lead generation services are an easy way to increase sales with minimal risk. Salesflow in particular has been collecting sales data for years. We’ve figured out what to say, how to say it, and even when to say it in order to get prospects excited to talk about a deal.

Not all sales lead generation services are created equal. You need one you can trust. Salesflow is located in downtown New York City and has been around for over four years. Most importantly, Salesflow is trusted by industry leaders in different sectors. Salesflow is especially well-suited to help smaller companies close a handful of extra deals each month. We come up with the strategy, execute it, and introduce you to qualified leads who are excited to speak with you.

 want to close more deals without overspending?

Any sales lead generation service you try should be full service. Otherwise, you’re likely under-investing (a common and costly error) or you’ll end up doing too much of the work, which defeats the entire purpose.

Salesflow aims to take on the major levers that drive outbound sales success:

We build large, targeted, and custom prospect lists- saving you hours of menial work.

We write sales pitches that get you meetings- we have the data and know all the tricks- meaning you don’t start from square one.

We do the actual sales outreach- we reach out to prospects, follow-up with them systematically, look for new decision-makers when another goes cold, overcome objections, and consistently follow-up. This takes focus, organization, and significant resources to accomplish in the large numbers necessary for sales success.

 Think a proven sales partner can help? 

As we already covered, any sales lead generation partner you hire needs a stellar record. Years of dedicated work has helped Salesflow deliver quality business sales leads to many high growth, public, and small & medium companies. Just take a look at some of our clients:


Our customers are businesses of all sizes across all industries. Our clients are extremely busy managing their businesses and rely on us to put their sales lead generation on autopilot. They don’t have time to build massive qualified lead lists, test email messaging, or follow-up with hundreds of leads at a time. This legwork is where any good sales lead generation firm shines. Salesflow has the infrastructure to open up real conversations with potential customers at scale.

For us, timing is everything, which means scale and messaging are critical. We needed a cost effective and expert backed solution to help us build a massive sales pipeline, and in a matter of weeks Salesflow brought clear ROI. Working with Salesflow gave us a steady inside sales partner, eliminated training costs, and gave us scale at unbeatable margin. Working with Salesflow has been a simple plug and play partnership- they know what they’re doing, so we step back and enjoy the deal flow.

 Associate Vice President, Great Place to Work

We get our clients deals with impressive companies

B2B lead generation can be challenging to say the least. However, with our winning strategic approach, we have managed to deliver results most of our clients are proud of. How, you ask? You’ll have to take a ride with the country’s leading B2B lead generation company.