How Smart Marketers Showcase Results

The success of any digital marketing initiative must be proven with performance metrics. While you can find endless metrics to measure, only a select few are helpful in furthering marketing campaigns. Transparency goes a long way toward building and strengthening client trust, but be careful not to tip the scale toward information overload. If you struggle to determine which metrics to include and which to set aside, be sure to start with these three.


When your goal is to drive more visitors to the client’s website, generated traffic is the most basic measure of the success of your initiative. Are more people visiting the site today than yesterday? While it’s beneficial to keep track of the overall site traffic, understanding where these visitors come from can help cater your marketing efforts to capture more attention. 


Conversion metrics tell you whether your generated traffic ultimately turns into leads or not. By examining the conversion rate (number of leads that convert to sales) and the bounce rate (number of visitors exiting the site entirely), you can determine which landing pages are most effective and which need to be fine tuned.


This is the information clients want most, as it paints the clearest picture of how successful the campaign really is. Use return on investment or ROI (the ratio between cost and net profit) and cost to acquire a customer or CAC (cost divided by the number of new customers) to demonstrate the value of your work. The client may have paid you a significant sum to deliver a quality campaign. But if you can connect the dots between that investment and the revenue they have gained, the client will invest with you again.

Bottom Line

As a marketing firm, providing clients with consistent data reports is crucial to demonstrate the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives. In doing so, your reports must be concise, informative, and evidence-driven. Ultimately, keeping a tight check on your analytics will prove when the firm is meeting the predetermined goals and when action is needed to jumpstart your efforts.