Every Business Should Send an Email Newsletter — Yes, Really

An email newsletter is about the oldest digital marketing trick in the book. But here’s the thing: it still works. That’s because people tend to check their emails multiple times a day. Yes, you should be advertising on social media. Yes, you should be publishing quality SEO content. But here’s what you need to know about email newsletters.

Email is fast, easy, and cheap

An email newsletter goes to contacts who have already given you their email address, so there’s no need to purchase lead lists. Also there are a number of free of inexpensive emailing services which help you to create attractive newsletters and quickly push them out to everyone on your list.

Email makes warm leads hot

Since you’re addressing people who have already expressed at least mild interest in your company and offerings, all you need to do is keep them up to date on what you’re up to. New product in development? Discuss the features and launch date, and provide a link so they can preorder or purchase. Webinar coming up? Discuss the topics and benefits, and provide a link so they can sign up. New member coming on board your sales or customer care team? Discuss their qualifications, and provide a link to get in touch.

Email builds a direct relationship

A newsletter is the perfect opportunity to take the relationship beyond business. An employee spotlight adds a personal touch to demonstrate you’re not just a company, you’re people. Also cover the ways your team members and your company as a whole support your community. Whether it’s the float you supported in your city’s Founder’s Day parade or your receptionist who works with troubled youth on the weekends or the donation the company made to the county library, when you show your readers how you care for your community, they’ll be more likely to believe you when you tell them you care for your clients too.

Bottom Line 

Email newsletters offer a unique opportunity for companies to connect directly with their clientele. Just remember to keep it short. No one has time to read more than 1500 words. Also, once a month or quarter is plenty to remind your contacts why they love you.