Why Your Business Should Have Case Studies

If you’ve browsed online lately, you probably noticed many businesses posting case studies to demonstrate how their product or service helped a particular client. Case studies aren’t a new concept in marketing but have become more popular in the digital age. 

If you’re considering jumping on the bandwagon — and you should be — here’s what you need to know in order to do it well.

Tell a story

In our fast-paced, image-flashing world, no one reads. At best, they skim. If you want potential customers to comprehend your case study, skip the sales pitch that lists your services and deliver a narrative that actually interests people. Start at the beginning (the problem), move through the plot (your services and products), and drive to the big finish (the winning results).

Highlight the customer

The focus of a case study should be on the client, rather than your own business, to help potential clients to connect to the story more easily. Briefly discuss the client’s business and the need that brought them to you. When you describe your solution, be sure to include tell how the client felt and reacted. End the story with impressive results and “Where are they now” facts about how your solution continues to help the client.

Make it quick

Potential customers trying to decide if you have the answers they need aren’t going to spend hours reading every word on your site. (As mentioned before, they aren’t likely to read at all.) Also, they aren’t going to buy your products or services based on a single case study. Rather than including every detail of your work, hit the most captivating points and invite the reader to talk to you personally about the complexities.

Bottom Line

Case studies help potential customers understand how your products and services could provide them real value, but only if the content is engaging. If you’re not a writer, hire a pro. Plenty of freelancers out there can quickly and inexpensively write a couple of clear and concise case studies to help you convert leads to sales.