Digital Marketing Tactics You Need to Use

Digital marketing is an ever moving target. Technology advances so fast that hardware and software alike are obsolete almost before the public learns how to use them. So how can you develop a marketing strategy today that will still reach your audiences tomorrow? Here are a couple of tips to keep you ahead of the game.

Social media

Facebook has been the dominant social media platform for some 15 years now. That’s given marketers plenty of time to master the art of Facebook advertising. Facebook even publishes tips and tricks to help businesses maximize exposure. But with the security breach in 2018 and the rising average age of Facebook users, some experts question how much longer Facebook will remain the most popular platform.

Enter Instagram. It’s also owned by Facebook, but the average age of the more than one billion users is 25–34. If you want to market to Millennials and Gen Z, Instagram is the place to make it happen.

LinkedIn has also become a marketing ground for B2B companies in particular. Catering to professionals looking to make business connections, this platform makes targeting a specific demographic easy. 

Voice optimization for SEO

Yes, you read that right. We’ve all optimized our websites with keywords that people might type into a search bar. But more and more people are talking to their devices instead of typing. And you’ve probably noticed that some of the virtual assistants don’t have very good listening skills. (The other day, I told my son to pick up his Legos and my Alexa device in the kitchen chimed as though I had called her name.)

So you need to make sure your keywords are easy to pronounce and easy for VAs to find. It isn’t difficult. Something as simple as tweaking the meta-description for speech can go along way. 

Bottom Line

Keeping up with trends and technology will always be a race. Remember: reach out to your audiences where they are, and make it easy for them to find you where you are.