Pick A Niche for Quality SEO Content

Remember Bo Jackson, the two-sport superstar in the 80s and 90s? His football career ended only 4 years after it began due to a severe hip injury. Though major league baseball was less stressful on his body, his career boasts only 8 years of “pretty good” play. Deion Sanders also played two sports in college, but focused on football for his professional career. Baseball was a part-time, mediocre distraction at best. And then there’s Tim Tebow, the college football phenom who found limited success in the NFL for a few years, tried broadcasting, and has wandered through 5 minor league baseball teams in the past 4 seasons.

These men are truly the best of the best when it comes to athletes, and yet even they could not manage to be great at two things at the same time. Business is no different. Yes, you can surround yourself with a strong team of support to build and grow multiple business ventures. But you can’t be a subject matter expert in everything.

You need to apply this same principle to your SEO content. While you may be knowledgeable about many different topics, picking a specific niche will help you develop strong, authoritative content for greater SEO results. Here’s how it works.

Play to your strengths and study up

Start with the topic that you already have the most education, experience, and success with. Your background will give you a measure of authority from the start. Then dig into the latest research and trends within your chosen niche so to position yourself as a thought leader.

Let the search engines do the work

The best way to get Google to notice your content and move you up the ranks is to write quality content that gets shared. Include your top performing keywords, link to other high traffic sources, and backlink your content in other places such as guest blogs. All of these measures will capture Google’s attention.

Make your other offerings clear

Yes, you need to pick a niche for your SEO content, but you’re certainly not a one trick pony. Once readers are on your site reading your work, give them easy off ramps to other pages on your site so they can see the many wonderful products and services your offer.

Branch out

Once you’ve established yourself as a thought leader in your niche, your authority in that subject will open avenues for you to express your views on similar or related subjects. Slowly, you will be able to expand your authority to cover multiple topics within your industry.

Bottom Line

Leonardo da Vinci is widely regarded as a brilliant artist, philosopher, and inventor, but he didn’t set out to make history as a young man. He spent 67 years learning, developing, and sharing his talents. A page 1 SEO ranking won’t take quite that long, but it does require patience.