How to Choose a B2B Lead Gen Agency 

B2B lead generation is no game. A steady flow of leads directly impacts the sales and revenue of a business, so it’s no wonder companies spend thousands of dollars to ensure a healthy pipeline. Contracting a B2B lead gen agency can make this time-consuming effort more cost effective.

However, since sourcing quality and quantity B2B leads is sometimes as much art as it is science, make sure to find the right agency for your business. Consider these attributes when conducting your search.


Many agencies work within a specific industry and are familiar with the products, services, and terminology of that industry. Because of that experience, they are more likely to understand your business, your target audiences, and the pain points of your qualified leads. Find an agency with that built-in expertise in your industry so they can spend less time trying to understand you and more time sourcing your leads.


While years of experience is frequently a good indicator of quality work, lead generation is a game that changes every day. With new technologies and processes, younger firms also have the opportunity to get results. Instead of simply looking at the date the agency was founded, ask for references and call those clients. Talk to someone who worked directly with the agency about their experience, the agency’s workflow, style, and responsiveness. Finally, as whether they got the results they had hoped for.

Bottom Line

There are thousands of B2B lead gen agencies out there. Finding the right one doesn’t have to be like pulling a name out of a hat and hoping it’s a good one. Do the research, ask the questions, and get that perfect partnership.