What to Look for in Lead Gen Services

It’s true, no one will be as passionate about the success of your business as you are. But that doesn’t mean you have to do everything yourself. When your hands are full managing every aspect of the business you’re passionate about, it’s time to consider outsourcing a critical (and time-consuming) function like lead generation. 

With so many lead generation providers out there, how do you determine which is the right one for you? How do you find the experts who can get results? Here are some questions to ask to be sure you’re in the right hands. 

Can they reach your audience?

One of the first questions you need to ask lead generation agencies is whether or not they are familiar with the audience you need to target. A SaaS company has a much different audience than a retail business or a professional services firm. Ask if they’ve worked with businesses in your industry before, who they think your audience is, and the type of approach they will take to reach your audience. Of course, you know who your customers are, but if they don’t know where to start, they aren’t likely to find new customers for you.

What are their KPI’s?

You use key performance indicators to tell you how successful your processes are, and your lead gen agency should be using them too. Ask your potential agency how they generate leads, how many they expect to generate, and how they determine if the leads are qualified for you. Most important, ask them how they determine if their efforts for you are successful and what they will do if their efforts don’t reach that standard. 

Bottom Line

You will be relying on the expertise of the lead gen agency, so you need to be sure they have true expertise. A top quality agency will ask you similar questions to determine if you are the right client for their services, and they will have concrete goals for work together. If their goals don’t match your goals, start looking for another agency.