What Your Lead Generation Agency Should Be Doing for You

In your hunt for a lead generation agency, you’ve likely found they all promise the results you want. But how do you know which ones can actually deliver? You don’t have to test them all out — you just need to ask. Anyone can buy a list, but if you want an agency that funnels qualified leads, these are the services your agency needs to provide.

Premium content

The highest quality leads come through search engines. These are people who are actually looking for someone like you, so you need to make it easy for them to find you. A qualified lead gen agency can help you determine specific keywords that users might search when looking for your type of business. A top agency will then write content to help you rank higher in searches for those keywords. This content should also partner well with your other marketing and social media efforts to form a cohesive lead generation strategy.

Landing pages

Landing pages are another great way to capture the attention of people who are already looking for what you offer. In your content marketing and social media, include a link to a single page which highlights one of your products or services and provides a lead capture form. Interested prospects get enough information to spark their next step while the lead capture form makes that step a simple click. A qualified lead gen agency will talk with you about which of your products and services should have designated landing pages. A top agency will help you determine what information or images should be included on the pages and how those links should be incorporated into your complete marketing strategy.

Bottom Line

Premium lead generation services provide you with more than just names and numbers. Top quality agencies work with you to ensure your website, social media, and broader marketing strategies are working together to achieve strong results. Healthy lead generation typically takes one to two months to get up to speed, so choose an agency that starts the process with a strong, complete strategy.