Sales Acceleration on Autopilot

Having a good product or service is not enough, even if your market fit is perfect. There are countless tales of innovative companies missing revenue goals due to a lack of sales. Many companies experience big ups and downs in their sales cycles with little consistency or predictability. This uncertainty can be crippling. Introducing a sales acceleration service to your sales strategy can be a simple way to bring stability to your sales efforts.

When you run a real sales organization, recruiting is at its core. You need a steady stream of rock solid talent to both grow and fight off sales team churn. Many of your new hires won’t have what it takes and even the best of the bunch will require constant training.

While these are critical elements of any strong business, having a stable source of new deals can be a game changer for your organization.

In other words, despite how recruiting, training, churn, or overall sales team performance is trending, if you have a consistent and reliable partner to send you deals, you are in a much better position to weather any storm your business faces.

This is where sales acceleration services fit into the picture. While your sales team works through its normal ups and downs, a sales acceleration service will steadily build prospect lists, conduct outreach, report back on trends, and most importantly, they will source deals for you and your team to pitch and close.

Any reputable sales acceleration service should be priced well below what you would pay for an entry level sales person. Their terms should be flexible and their goals must be realistic. These are all signs that they are a) experienced, b) priced to deliver ROI at minimal risk, and c) they are likely big and stable, enabling them to deliver their services at a low price.

Sales acceleration services bring you peace of mind. You know that you will always have new deals entering into your sales pipeline, so as long as you and your team are closers, you will have a consistent and reliable revenue source.

Sales Acceleration Services Keep you Honest

When working with a Sales Acceleration firm, they’ll be testing sales copy, subject lines, and target markets all while building prospect lists and finding macro sales trends. Do you do the same? Are you approaching sales with the same level of “science” and discipline?

Bringing on a Sales Acceleration firm that has years of experience teaches you a heck of a lot about cutting edge sales tactics. You can then apply those learnings to your in-house sales strategy, which will pay massive dividends.

Stop playing follow the leader 

Over time, companies all adopt similar sales practices. Within your own company, you simply won’t have the vantage point to know which tactics are fresh and innovative and which ones are just adopted from the general market. Salesflow in particular uses its broad market perspective to stay ahead of sales trends.

Why is that important? Well, the prospects you’re reaching out to are smart and they adapt. The same way banner ads on the Internet are now ignored subconsciously by most consumers, your prospects can smell a sales call or email from miles away.

Salesflow or any responsible sales acceleration firm will have a trove a data to know what language, methods, and overall strategies should be deployed in order to get you traction with your prospects. As one example, we are able to craft sales email templates that generate 5x the responses of the general market.